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How it Works?

TikTok is installed more times every month than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, according to statistics from the App Store and Play Market.

The accessible interface of our platform will allow you to order any desired package in just 1 minute.

First of all you have to pick the package that works best for you. Insert your TikTok username and email, on which you are going to receive your payment confirmation and other useful details.

Secondly, select the post that has to receive the chosen amount of TikTok views or likes. Here you can choose the “Premium” option.

Click the “Add to cart” option in order to save the order and continue your shopping or “Checkout”, that will deliver you to the payment step. We have 3 available payment methods. PayPal, Credit Card and CryptoCurrency.

You can get a special discount on followers packages. We offer our customers a special bonus for TikTok likes packages. You will receive TikTok followers at reduced prices at every purchased likes package. Moreover, we are giving 10% off discounts to various packages. Keep an eye on our packages and take advantage of them and grow your TikTok account at the same time.

What is the difference between standard and premium packages? The premium packages minimize the % of bots, and provide a better quality of TikTok users which are going to subscribe, like or view your account. The main difference between standard and premium packages is that we prioritize the premium packages, the orders are going through faster and the quality of the followers / likes / views is considerably better. Delivery comes gradual so no worries about instant delivery go ahead and place a new order.

Fast and safe delivery. Most orders are completed almost instantly, but some orders can take up to 24 hours. As our customers' safety and their account’s image counts a lot for us, we make sure to deliver the packages organically so your growth will be organic and safe.