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TikTok has changed the social media genre with its unique concept that attracts lots of teenagers. It is the first worldwide social media platform that is video-orientated. In addition to it, TikTok gives the opportunity to leave likes and comments, a direct message feature, in order to create a reliable collaboration between both followers and content creators. With the introduction of these important features, the platform started to become more and more suitable for social media marketing operations. Along with that, the urge to prosper as an influencer on Instagram also grew. If you are on that same track, you came to the right page.

TikTok started with the option to like on videos. The TikTok like button is the most powerful tool to leave precious feedback. It is widely considered that a sufficient amount of TikTok likes that your videos receive proves how interesting and appreciated your TikTok videos are. TikTok likes are one very important aspect of a TikTok user. A big number of received TikTok likes denotes the number of people who see and interact with the posts of an influencer. Consequently, it is very important to obtain a high number of TikTok likes, as you will have more chances of becoming popular on this young platform.

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